REDAN and NBRRI Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Nigeria’s Real Estate Sector



Last week, the leadership of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, led by the REDAN President, Prince Akintoye Adeoye visited Engr. Prof. Samson Duna, the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Building & Road Research Institute (NBRRI), at its Abuja headquarters. The discussion primarily centered on leveraging local materials in construction, establishing strategic partnerships, and advancing the real estate sector in Nigeria.

During their engagement, President Adeoye underscored the importance of fostering a collaborative relationship between REDAN and NBRRI. He pointed out the detrimental effects of over-reliance on foreign building materials, which have escalated housing costs nationwide. Reflecting on his initial encounter with NBRRI 25 years ago, President Adeoye recognized the institute’s innovative approaches to addressing construction challenges.

“Our objective for this courtesy visit is to initiate collaboration, form partnerships, and delve into the technological advancements NBRRI has pioneered. We’re enthusiastic about incorporating these innovations to champion affordable and contemporary housing solutions,” remarked President Adeoye.

In his response, the Director-General of NBRRI congratulated the new REDAN leadership and expressed his enthusiasm for collaboration. He emphasized NBRRI’s commitment to research and development, showcasing innovations such as bamboo technology for bamboo-reinforced storey buildings, movable houses (technology recommended for IDPs, temporary houses buildable within 2 or 3 days), hydraform brick fabrication machines using local content that can be operated manually, with diesel or electricity, and Pozzolana, a cement technology that reduces the cost of cement and limits air pollution. Additionally, he mentioned that they have developed Polymer Modified Bitumen for road construction and other home-grown technologies for building and road construction.

“REDAN is the first group of professionals that uses NBRRI research products, and we have developed cost-effective solutions that can revolutionize the construction industry in Nigeria. Our products have proven to be 30-35% cheaper than conventional alternatives,” said the DG of NBRRI.

President Adeoye further reaffirmed REDAN’s commitment to actualizing the partnership with NBRRI. He announced plans to establish a REDAN committee focused on NBRRI’s alternative building technology, aiming to integrate NBRRI’s products into future building projects.

During the interactive session, questions were raised regarding NBRRI’s publicity efforts and the cost-effectiveness of their products. In his response, the DG of NBRRI said that NBRRI’s products are not only cost-effective but also superior in quality compared to imported alternatives. A study conducted in 2022 showed a 30-35% cost reduction when building with NBRRI products.

The DG of NBRRI further stated that the issue of publicity was a challenge for NBRRI, mentioning that the cost of publicity often exceeds their research budget. He expressed hope that REDAN’s collaboration would help raise
awareness and promote the adoption of NBRRI’s innovative solutions. He added that doing so will enable the implementation of the ‘Presidential Executive Order for Planning and Execution of Projects, Promotion of Nigerian Content in Contracts, and Science, Engineering, and Technology (Executive Order 5)’, which was signed into law on February 2, 2018.

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